Conquer Chronic Stress Through Gratitude!

Conquer Chronic Stress Through Gratitude!

D.C.Berkel, CSMC, CPC

Struggling With Overwhelming Stress & Anxiety?

Stressful, challenging times can make it more difficult for you to find gratitude in your heart. But finding gratitude in hard times is important. It's essential to building the resilience to bounce back from whatever life throws at you.

Hard times can make you turn to anger or resentment. Major life challenges can leave you feeling overwhelmed, downhearted, demoralized, & discouraged.

These are all threats to your mental health, your physical health, and your happiness.

This 30 day program program will help you reset your mind and and focus so you can build resilience from within. It will help you find purpose amidst the chaos. It will get you out of an obsessive mindset held hostage by by fear and worry.

Did you know that fear and worry activate the fight or flight stress response in our nervous system? We begin secreting cortisol and move from parasympathetic to sympathetic nervous system functions. Pulse quickens, breathing becomes shallow, and mind goes in looping, obsessive circles.

Another thing that happens during obsessive thinking is that we forget to live in the moment. We're either fretting about what already happened, or dreading what's going to happen. The gloom and doom mindset need not sap us of our joy for living and love for each other.

Calm, clarity, joy, and inner peace are strictly linked to...Gratitude. 

WHO can benefit from this program?

• Any woman who may be struggling to focus on the positives

• Any woman who feels that a pessimistic attitude is currently standing in the way of her success

• Any woman who may be feeling as though the cup of her emotions can use a refill

• Any woman who might find herself drowning in the details of her life at present

• Any woman who can use a boost of optimism

• Any woman who would like to share her appreciation for life with friends and loved ones

• Any woman who needs a little extra peace in her soul

• Any woman who needs a reminder of why we're here and why it matters

• Anyone who would like to use the power of positivity to improve her outlook, her relationships, and her life.

Introducing..."Conquer Chronic Stress Through Gratitude" 

This 30 day  program will invigorate you with a renewed sense of purpose as you move forward dealing with whatever crisis, challenge, or chaos life throws at you .  It will help you find happiness through gratitude even when times are rough!.

Here's what you get:

  • Daily lessons.  One lesson each day for 30 days delivered right to your inbox.
  • Daily exercises. One Journal exercise each day to help you shift your mindset from the troubles of the day, to the blessings in your life
  • Gratitude reflections. 8 gratitude reflections with thought-provoking questions
  • Priority Email Support
  • Access to an invite-only Facebook group to encourage and support each other

What Our Raving Fans Are Saying...

A. Bardsley 

This is a great... So many times our Gratitude gets squished by stress and we lose sight. Good job!


A positive attitude and being grateful for what you do have can absolutely change your life. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Your posts are always so information-packed.


I think adding joy is so important! Schedules and stress can overwhelm and we think we don’t have TIME for the things that bring us joy – and that is when it is even more important to make time for ourselves!

Here's a sneak Peak Of the Daily Lessons...

Day 1: Being Thankful for Me

JOURNAL EXERCISE: Giving Thanks for ME

Day 2: Focus on Simplicity to Boost Happiness

JOURNAL EXERCISE: Keeping it Simple

Day 3: Thankful for People Who Care

JOURNAL EXERCISE: Show Gratitude for the Kindness & Generosity of Others

Day 4: Thankful for Hard Times that Help Me Grow

JOURNAL EXERCISE: Giving Gratitude for Overcoming Obstacles!

Day 5 - Day 30: Many more more life changing, stress-busting, happiness-building journal prompts and exercises!

More Thoughts from Raving Fans...


This is 100% true. It is hard to find joy in life when things are bad, but we need to look around and be grateful that we are still alive, breathing, and have a roof over our heads.


Thanks for the reminders. These days, we all have to try harder to find things to be grateful for.


Beautiful! I have always believed in an attitude of gratitude. It humbles me and keeps me moving forward. Love this!


Just what I needed..., Darlene! I find myself reciting so many things I’m grateful for on nights I lay awake with worry. It seems to calm and relax me realizing things are not so bad. I love this morning practice…setting the tone for today! 

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